Contest period : 26th August 2017 - 28th August 2017
How to Win : Whenever 5 specific symbol appears on the reels regardless matching with paylines, a DT-customized gift will be given away.

Why are 5-matching always slips away from me?

This contest only applies to the 5 games above


1、Only a betting with RMB1 or above are eligible for application.

2、All DT Player with real bet are entitle to join, with providing Username, game's ID and betting time to Customer Service Representative for verification purpose.

3、WILD Symbol are not legit to represent the specific symbol for this contest.

4、Only ONE registration per member, any repeat member under the same Real Name, Email Address, IP Address, Shipping Address and/or Bank Card will be forfeited his/her entitlement.

5、Gift will be dispatch 7 days after the end of contest.

6、Dream Tech reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to interpret, apply and communicate these Terms and Conditions. All decision made by Dream Tech shall be final and conclusive in each case.